Open Seven Days a Week

Saturday & Sunday

Breakfast Available:  


Full Menu and bar menu* available: 


Monday through Sunday 

Full Menu available: 





*Newport Restaurant Week 11/4 - 11/13/16

*Bristol Burger Bash @ Linden Place 11/6/16

*East Bay Restaurant Week 11/11 11/20/16

*Sweet Start Smackdown @ Linden Place 11/18/16






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Welcome to The DeWolf Tavern

The DeWolf Tavern serves Contemporary American Cuisine in a beautifully situated, historically renovated stone warehouse, located on the Thames Street Landing waterfront in the heart of downtown Bristol, Rhode Island. Our guests can enjoy the bay breeze with cooling cocktails on our casual patio, dip inside for a glass of wine and a light meal in our downstairs tavern or head upstairs to enjoy the view and fireplace with a bottle of fine wine and a special meal prepared by Chef Sai. And this summer, executive dining is always perfect on our waterfront tented deck or private dining rooms with the view of the harbor. 

No longer accepting Open Table reservations Please call the restaurant or reserve below:

We will do our best to accommodate your requests but we cannot guarantee any special seating        Reserve Now


**Thanksgiving at DeWolf Tavern 

Thanksgiving sample menu

11:30am - 6:30pm seatings

Reservations are now being accepted. Please call 401.254.2005.

Having your Thanksgiving celebration at home? Add to your home meal or order an entire meal. Print out the below order form and call us to place your order!

Thanksgiving Take Home Menu to Print