The DeWolf Tavern is located in a renovated 1818 warehouse built by the Bristol-based maritime merchants James and William DeWolf for their shipping business in the “Triangle Trade.” A boat slip originally ran alongside the Tavern where ships could dock and unload goods into both levels of the building. The office or “counting room” was located on the waterside end of the second floor with the finished plaster walls and fireplace. The sections of graffiti-covered plaster you see framed as artwork came from this area.

The DeWolf brothers and many other Bristol businesses were rum producers, and their distillery was housed in what is now the adjacent Bristol Harbor Inn’s lobby area. Remnants of eighteen wooden barrels used in making rum were found during the restoration and one will be on display in the interior of the restaurant lobby upon completion of their restoration.

The Tavern’s south side displays a massive indentation caused by the Prudence Island Ferry when it washed up against the building during the Great Hurricane of 1938. It is interesting to note that the building is still standing at all after going through at least a dozen hurricanes since its construction.

After the building’s exhaustive renovation, the Tavern opened for business in October, 2004, to rave reviews and acclaim. We look forward to being part of your personal history.